Sunday, January 22, 2012


God blessed our dear friends with a beloved and highly adorable baby called Nathan! we have never seen so much hair on a baby! :) check out this cute little boy with his countless expressions :)

Nathan Collage
so, with the request of them and also a strong desire to contribute and show our affection, PP and i embarked on a project we think is rather major.. making 300 bottles of hot chocolate! fortunately, the giving of hot chocolate is highly versatile and the wordings on the labels can also be changed to fit the occasion :)

herein lies countless bottles, waiting to dry..

IMG 5691

we could not find plain white marshmallows, but it turned out to be a blessing because the fruit-flavoured marshmallows added colour to the bottle :)



We used the same labels and design, but changed the wordings.




then, instead of attaching red hearts, we printed his picture on photo paper using our old but reliable canon selphy photo printer :) cut cut cut!

IMG 5718tied the photos and the spoon with brown twine...





300 of these is definitely not an easy task, but thank God for enabling us :) :) here's another version of it, filled with chocolate rocks instead of hot chocolate - to remind fellow brethren to "Continue Stedfast (like rocks) in Doctrine and Fellowship". not done by us la - many thanks to the loving hands who prepared this for our YAF anniversary :)





Pp said...

A hymn pops to mind when our tasks involve huge numbers: Count Your Blessings! It is by God's grace and enabling He caused us to finish the gifts. Really amazing to see how He led us all the way through even at times when things don't go too smoothly. May God's warmth be upon all our hearts as we count the many blessings one-by-one!

Esther tan said...

We have been much blessed by the gifts! All our guests have never prepared their own hot chocolate before and were very fascinated! The oldies in my hometown loved it so much! One auntie even kept the chocolate cos she said she wanna have it together with the family when te children returns next month. :) thank you for being a blessing to us and our new addition!
I shall be your cleaner, maid and transporter when u shift house!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Heyyie! This is the first time I chanced upon your blog! Whoa, you are such an inspiration! What a great and sweet idea this is! I am in the midst of brainstorming ideas for my sister's wedding next year and was wondering how did you get the labels printed? Did you create them using photoshop? Can it be done with a normal printer? It's so pretty! HAHA! Thanks and God Bless!:)

esther said...

Hi Cassandra :)
we're friends on fb right? im not sure how i know you, but you're a inspiring scrapper too! :)

i print these labels using a normal printer. the formatting is done on microsoft word, using this tool called a label wizard. before i changed to a mac, i did the exact same thing, but on microsoft publisher. when you buy labels (especially from more popular brands like avery), they come with a "model number". the label wizard allows you to choose the model number and it will load a "template" for you such that whatever is printed/designed will be printed on the labels accordingly. even if the wizard does not have the pre-set settings, it also allows you to load your own customised sizing of the labels.

it can be frustrating at the start when you don't get it, but once you do, it's extremely nifty! let me know if you would like a soft copy of the labels - ill be glad to email it to you.

alternatively you can get them printed professionally. i print all my stickers at T & T instant printing in JB, see here:, but Bras Basah has many shops that can do so :)

hope this helps!


Unknown said...

Oh yes! I just realised! HAHA! Hmm, I just realised that u were from Calvary Pandan BP! I was from there a couple of years back at the Chinese Service but left after the VPP movement and have moved to Life BP. HAHA! Such a small world! :)

Thanks so much for the advice! Shall go figure it out!:) THANKS for the great tips!:)