Tuesday, February 14, 2012

beautiful day

it's a beautiful day meeting beautiful people. and no, the least of the reasons is because it's valentine's day. yesterday and today, my sister and i, together with many many other loving and helping hands (e.g. mum, mum-in law, lisa etc..) set up a bazaar at NUS, Central Forum. the concept (thought of by the sister) was simple, to provide materials and print out a photo for those who were keen to create something hand-made for someone they loved.




i must say that when i arrived yesterday, the mood was sobering and i started to get rather worried. what if no one took to the idea? i was worried that my sister's investment of time and effort would have amounted to nothing.

yet, after day 2, i look back with much happiness, and many lessons learnt, with many sweet people who touched me in their own little way.

one quiet couple came by... and worked on the project together. both were clearly dedicated and they put in lots of effort in the details. i believe they put in as much effort in their relationship :) i wanted so much to ask them for a picture, but i was shy :p

a few sweet guys came by... some uncertain of what to do, some clearly artistic. one even skipped his class so he could work on the frame!






all had something common. they wanted to make their girlfriends smile :)

a girl sat down and came up with a beautiful frame for her mother. just because.


and another one sat down, did up a masterpiece for her family, and left thanking us, because she enjoyed herself very much. such snippets of human touch and interaction remind me of why i do this in the first place! that's why i say it's been a beautiful day :)


of course, i also met vera, and vera's friends, who were beautiful people too! i loved your stall set-up :) wish i caught a picture of it!

on another note, we'll be back at NUS again, this time selling more hand-made wares. think pouches, pencil cases, bags, necklaces and postcards. support us if u can :)

Fzm Polaroid Frame 01



Penelope said...

Very creative and awesome bazaar!

Ashlyn said...

I passed by the bazaar today! If only you had more patterns for the pouches available! :( And it would be lovely if you could sell the pouches online! It's really gorgeous :) On a side note, it's really blessed me to see a person really shining so brightly for God! It really inspired me to keep drawing closer to God, and keep doing what you're doing :) God Bless!

Ning said...

Hi Esther,

it was really nice meeting the author behind this blog after reading it for months :) we really love the bottlecap necklaces, so very pretty! continue to bring God's light to others through the things that you do :)

(vera's friend)

esther said...

Hi Ashlyn,
thank you so much for your sweet support and what you said :) it really encourages me to keep doing what im doing and remind me to keep my words and my blog on the right track - to shine for Him! i'd love to do up more pouches, when time avails :) God bless you too!

esther said...

hi Ning,
im really very honoured to have people reading my blog *blush* all glory goes to God - thank Him for His leading :) thank u also for supporting me by buying the necklaces! God bless and may you continue to shine for Him too :)