Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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PP sometimes has to stay at work overnight and when those times come, i miss him especially much. hence this post, for this night i miss him and i'm reminded how he cooks pancakes for me :) thank u PP. they were the nicest pancakes i have ever tasted. YUMS. and im not even a pancake fan :)


what's better than pancakes? pancakes with ice cream! not just any ice cream, but my favourite earl grey ice cream from daily scoop :)


not forgetting a fruit platter...




so then.... what's better than pancakes with a scoop of ice cream? pancakes with TWO scoops of ice cream, of course :)


Don't they look absolutely lovely? my mouth is watering now just thinking about them. Here are some tips to cooking scrumptious pancakes:

1) add LOTS of butter. the more butter, the better :)

2) toppings are made up of anything you can think of: ice cream/maple syrup/fruits/gummie bears/peanut butter/nuts

3) if it looks nice, it probably tastes nice :)

4) as a result of reason 3, it is hence a good idea to buy a nice pan too!

here's a cute little pan from flutterscape :)



did you know... that Rilakkuma is actually the combination of "relax" and "bear"? no wonder i like this character so much hahahaha.





all the other kuma(s)


sweet memories like these make me smile. thank God for them. im learning not to take these things for granted.

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pp said...

What lovely pictures to bring back memories. The pictures really make the food look good (perhaps better than the taste, heh). It is the Lord who has provided all these blessings, and even the pancake-maker must acknowledge that without His grace, nothing can be done well. May the Lord provide us all with greater faithfulness to continue to do things that will build each other up, even in the food ministry.