Monday, November 19, 2012

Saviour, more than life to me


IMG 0732 copy

Savior, more than life to me,

I am clinging, clinging, close to Thee;

Let Thy precious blood applied,

Keep me ever, ever near Thy side.


Every day, every hour,

Let me feel Thy cleansing power;

May Thy tender love to me

Bind me closer, closer, Lord to Thee.


Through this changing world below,

Lead me gently, gently as I go;

Trusting Thee, I cannot stray,

I can never, never lose my way.


Let me love Thee more and more,

Till this fleeting, fleeting life is o’er;

Till my soul is lost in love,

In a brighter, brighter world above.



pp said...

clinging closer to Christ only makes us see that it is He who is really holding onto us, every day and every hour.

Unknown said...

I love the name of your blog, I'm a believer in Christ and I enjoyed today your blog...I would love to do something different to bless anothers...God keep you well Esther
My Name is Sofi

esther said...

Hi Sofi :)
thank God that this blog is a blessing :) all glory goes to Him! God can use us in wonderful ways when we trust Him :) God bless!