Tuesday, March 19, 2013

christmas 2012 - part 2

many others, in return, blessed us with their gestures of love! it was heart-warming to see the effort put in by others to show they love us very much indeed :) these are just a FEW snippets of what we received :)

IMG 9142edit IMG 9144edit IMG 9154edit IMG 9156edit

sweet and meaningful hand-made gifts... 

IMG 9151edit

IMG 9138edithand-written and heart-felt notes :)

IMG 9160edit

books, which we can never have enough of, and can never finish reading!

IMG 9150edit

a personal poem, composed just for us!

IMG 9145edit

and a cryptic acronym which we took eons to figure out! *face-palm* 

SGNA - Super Good Neighbour Award?!


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