Saturday, August 24, 2013

<3 socks

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dear ezra, 

there may come a day when you look back at all these photos that we have taken of you, and as you look closer at the photo above, you may start to question mummy's taste in socks and why she chose those with heart-shaped patterns. 

let me tell you...

that you are very much adored and loved by the kor kors and jie jies in church. this pair of socks, in particular, is given by jie jie chern, who tenderly thought of you and decided to share a bit of her own with you. and you seem to like it :)

she is not the only one. there is jie jie en-si who gives you an affectionate pat on the head when she sees you and got down on her knees many times to play with you. then there is kor kor abel and kor kor asher who exclaim, "baby ezra!" to welcome you the moment they see you. kor kor en-yi suddenly seemed a lot older when he plays ball with you. and there is kor kor titus, who is very much intrigued with you and can't stop commenting about you :) ("he looks like a doll", "why does he keep chewing his toes?", "when can he start to walk?").

there's also kor kor luke, who shows a special interest in your age. ("how old is he? when he's xx years old, i'll b xx years old!") and not forgetting kor kor timmy, which wrote in a card for you, that he was praying for your health.

thank God for these children in church who tenderly and unreservedly show their affection and befriend E. these are probably the boys and girls he will look up to as examples, and my heart is warmed to think about that :)

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pp said...

the sweetness of godly friendship and fellowship cannot be explained simply by words but thank God for such loving korkors n jiejies. we pray that this bond will be stronger as they all grow up in The Lord. thank God for the parents who teach their children to love and fellowship at such tender years.we are also learning from u all:)

happy chewing ur shoes n toes our little boy!