Monday, May 11, 2015

my mother, the proverbs 31 woman

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(sung to "The Lily of the Valley", written by Eileen Lin)

The day where most celebrate mother's day has drawn to a close. On fb, instagram, I see many tributes, heartwarming.. for a happy home is a precious gem in a world filled with ups and downs.

"Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all." Prov 31:29

Not for any comparison, really, but the above verse is what I think of my mum. She has now gone beyond the usual duties (think chores, cooking, nagging) of a mum and wife. to put it in a singlish way, she really "up one level".

As dad battles a terminal illness, she has selflessly given up everything she has, and fully dedicated herself to the care of my father. No time to rest, no murmurings, no break downs before us.. just quietly perservering through the toils and emotional, physical, mental and spiritual demands of each day. Her faith in the Lord has shone through in a trying time such as this.

And my dad? He is another amazing story, of which I fail in ability to fully depict, but I do hope to share one day.

So "happy mother's day" cant quite depict the deep gratitude I have, neither can it fully express the great depth of how my mother has lived out the truth in proverbs 31. I thank God for my mother.

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