Sunday, June 28, 2015

what we do, what we used to do, and why we do what we do

so what is project en courage about? 

while it is founded on the grace (恩) and courage given by God, the main thrust of Project En Courage is, simply, to Encourage

the past year or so has been very very tough, to say the least. but amidst our trials and struggles, God sent many along the way. fellow prayer warriors.. thoughtful gifts... whats-apps.. sincere questions of concern. we have been deeply touched by all whom the Lord has used to encourage us and remind us that we are truly not alone. these people are our inspiration!

over the years beginning from our courtship days, PP and i have somehow stumbled into this little habit of embarking on projects, both big and small, with hopes of thanking these people and giving practical and encouraging gifts in appropriate seasons. it started with simple bookmarks, small quantities...  and soon, as more people are sent into our lives.. it envolved into something alittle more "large-scale"....

PC241723 copy

badges to remind our friends of a verse we would like to share with them :)

IMG 5021 copy

canvas bags for children we love :)

DSC04675 copy

hand-sewn luggage tags  (this was TEDIOUS!)

DSC01647 copy copy

 calendar stickers

IMG 8951edit copy

postcards to encourage us to write to one another :)

DSCF7108 copy


we cant produce hand-made so efficiently anymore, so we have moved on to practical and meaningful everyday little things that hopefully can point someone to the Lord. they are personally and thoughtfully designed, with the intention that you may be reminded of God's truth and faithfulness  :) may these little products that we come up with bless you, or the person you intend to encourage!

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pp said...

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1

Every season is appointed by God for His purpose. We have grown to submit and follow it as closely as we can. Making a gift does not come naturally to me but each project completed reminds me of the joy or giving and how simple things can encourage the hearts.

may this new project be an encouragement to whoever God may bring us into contact with!