Thursday, August 13, 2015

project en courage at maker's market (national museum, 7 aug)

i'm a pessimist.

when i consider a situation that is to come, i always think of the worst thing that can happen. that is why preparing for project en courage's first bazaar is like a huge mountain to climb - because i build more mountains for myself, before climbing the one i am supposed to :)

there were countless fears and faithless thoughts that crossed my mind. 

i don't have anything to sell.

nobody is going to buy anything. 

all my products are brown. (yes i know right.. on hindsight i realise how ridiculous this is...)

it's raining, it's going to continue raining. 

why would anyone go to a museum on a friday evening? 

there's going to be nobody at the bazaar. 

the list goes on. 

thank God for a husband who has the faith and courage to point out how ridiculous my fears were. he reminded me of why we were doing what we were doing. project en courage is what God deems fit for us to work on at this moment. it is His project. He determines whether it is successful, and He decides whether it is successful. the opinions of man... don't matter. 

as the days ticked by, it became clearer that this was a family project and to my pleasant surprise, e was so much more helpful than expected!



him helping to remove packaging..arrange the postcards.. count envelopes. yes, with him involved, it definitely slows things down, but it doubles the joy in the process :) it also helps that we can teach him skills in the meantime - how to arrange things, how to count, how a 'shop' functions, how to welcome people to our 'shop' ;) 

it was thunderstorming just before the bazaar, and i was muttering to PP that the rain would surely keep people back from coming. herein lies my faithlessness! i'm ashamed to realise it now. 

so here's my list of thanksgiving now.. that i will be reminded that my God is faithful, and He provides for all we need. if one day, he deems it fit that we have receive no business, may we still be grateful for His perfect purpose.

Thank God for...

1. stopping the rain just before the bazaar started

2. those who prayed. 

3.the great turnout!

4. providing us with a bright and ideal booth

5. a cheerful, enthusiastic and fantastic saleswoman who willingly gave of her time, company, words and energy!

6. e who was largely cooperative :)

7. my mum, and K, who provided dinner for all of us

8. eme's parents, sis and bro, who came down, plus its always a highlight to see DDD!

9. a fantastic parking lot

10. sending people who can identify with Project En Courage and like our products :)

11. C & A - for your koi, your curry puffs, but most of all, for coming all the way down!  你的爱我深深感受到啦!<3 <3

12. a whole troop of church friends who come down even when it's waaay past their bedtime, who supported in word and action, who helped to pack up and provided us with great company just when we were getting tired.

words just cannot expressed how thankful we are for all of you. we pray that we will keep doing God's will for God's glory, so our testimony and work will not stumble any of you but be a blessing to you as the Lord uses us :)

and because pictures serve as the best memories... 


our 'uniforms' prepared by PP

2015 08 09 11 07 01 1


super amazing saleswoman of the year!


Encourage with a Postcard - now with envelopes!

DSCF7167 copy

Knock on the Door Mat / Good News in a Cup

DSCF7197 copy

DSCF7204 copy

a verse very close to my heart, engraved on a tissue box, for times when tears flow and you need comfort.. (sold out with restocks planned)

DSCF7182 copy

passport covers/traveller's notebook :)

DSCF7199 copy

our Through the Waters bottle :)

as shared earlier, if there's anything this bazaar and the national day weekend has shown, it is that GOD is FAITHFUL. very happy to be doing His will, very happy that we are in this as a family, and very happy to experience His guiding hand, leading us to today. very tired too! hahaha... but not too tired to be involved in yet another maker's market ;)


pp said...

it was almost 3 years ago when we did out last bazaar. e was present, but snuggly in the womb( speaking of pre-birth training and conditioning hehe).

anyway,i am an optimist, but learning to hope in the Lord correctly (because i tend to not see genuine problems when they are there). God has shown that His timing is perfect and sovereignly controls everything. we just have to submit, even when we do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, just yet.

keep abounding in the Lord, together!

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