Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Project (:

one of the things i enjoy about Christmas is doing something with PP for our loved ones! after much considerations and brainstorming, this is what PP and i worked on :)

Ingredient 1:: Button covers, with the hook pulled up & pins glued on (using a glue gun) (get them from daiso)


Ingredient 2:: Inkjet transfers for fabric (available in popular bras basah)

Ingredient 3:: Friends and their names :)

PC241682 PC241690

we chose a theme of "remembrance" based on our YF camp theme "Always on Rememberance" based on 2 Peter. We had a desire for our friends to remember God's word, so we chose a verse appropriate for what each of them were going through in their lives..

The outcome?? :)

PC241723 PC241708


lessons learnt:

1. remember which is the right side to glue the pins

2. many hands make light work! thank God for PP's auntie and cousin who kindly lent their hand in this :)

Blessed Christmas everyone! what a reason for rejoicing when one is relieved from the burdens of the world with the birth of a perfect Saviour: Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace! (Isa 9:6)


Anonymous said...

under lesson learnt no. 1, it was because of me that we both learnt this lesson. thank God for His grace to provide for all our needs to finish the gifts on time. twas such a pleasure to do the gifts esp with the one you love and who loves you:)

Anonymous said...

i can see my name and almost read the entire message in the photo!! okay getting abit too excited. im going to study now!