Wednesday, March 04, 2009

pleasant surprise revealed!


a promise made and a promise kept, here's the pleasant surprise... a giveaway! as a gesture of thanks and appreciation to those who came down to support FITW for the bazaar:)



description of this lovely xiaodingdangbag can be found here.

to join this giveaway, simply leave a comment with ur name, email, and ONE (or more!) constructive comment/feedback abt FITW products. to start u thinking, it can be abt what ud like to see more, what u really liked abt FITW, or how u tink FITW can improve (since it is just starting out and there's much room for growth). be kind, ok?

a name will be randomly picked on 8th March 2009, 9pm.. which ill announce on this blog and email you (if ure picked) for ur address :)

y am i so excited..?


esther said...

nobody has left a comment but beishan and johanna, im putting ur names in for ur sweet emails and great suggestions that id definitely keep in view~ :)

Anonymous said...

esther! maybe you can include the measurements of your products because it's hard to visualise how big it is when you just look at the pictures.

but of course, i didnt go down to support your bazaar so i'm not counted in this giveaway :P

esther said...

eh? why are u not in school! or have u been relaxing and doing what ure not supposed to do with ur sch com :) haha! ure so brilliant :) its a great idea-will do just tt. and of cos ure counted LA! i din say u have to be at the bazaar. it can be anyone :) whether young or OLD haha!

joan:) said...

:P i wonder who you're referring to.. :P i am not in school because i'm not feeling very well.. but i'm much better now :P

Anonymous said...

hello esther, i find ur school uniform earstuds to be very cute indeed!
But in actual fact i wouldnt want to wear it on my ears as studs but maybe you can make it as pendants? or charms?
i would want to give them to my RV mates because we miss rv alot. :P