Wednesday, April 08, 2009

catching the sunrise

recently, PP and I were blessed to be able to catch the sunrise with J, HL and WX. it was supposed to be a "dSLR outing" but by the time we had arrived the sky was lit already. nonetheless, we had a really great time! and took some lovely shots too :)

here are just some of my favourites~i really like the aeroplane picture but it would be better if the plane was more in focus. much room for improvement!




enough of still shots, here's a glimpse of the fun we had :)



my favourite couple, who are going to spend the rest of their lives walking together :)


and these are simply CLASSIC!



LOLOL!! :) :)


auntie said...

hey hey ah ma! nice pics!! i liked the ones you took close up of the water too, you didn't post it up. but i liked the light reflecting on the water! =) i had fun that day too! another outing soon!=)

pp said...

haha do we look like real kungfu pros haha:) good camera trick ya...

thank God for the nice weather, fellowship and provision of dSLRs for the group of us!

think that the shot of the three ladies (they call themselves aunties too!) jumping captures the joy in them. its their holidays by the way!

next time try sunset eh?:)

joan:) said...

make sure the old folks dont injure themselves while doing all those stunts :P