Sunday, April 12, 2009

Peanut Porridge


do u like porridge? or peanuts? i am not a big fan of porridge or peanuts, especially on scorching hot days typical in Singapore. yet, i really really like a particular one that PP and i coin "旺旺 porridge" :)

mummy once bought it for me from Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre and from then on all porridge i ate paled in comparison. what's good about it? the broth is just right, the rice is cooked to utter softness, and the final touch of crispy jiang yu (little fried fish) completes it just like how pearls complete bubble tea :)

the store is called "wang wang cooked food" and porridge usually gets sold out by about 10-ish in the morning (yes, that's how good it is hehe..) it is on the 2nd floor, has a prominent yellow sign and has a constant queue of customers :) i apologise for how some of the pictures are blurr/off-centre. i entrusted the task of photography to AHJIJAN, PP's brother!




dip some freshly fried yutiao in the porridge and ure good to go! each bowl sells at $1.00 but if u da bao (takeaway) u have to pay an extra $0.20 for the container. next time, im going to try bringing my own container!

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pp said...

how unexpected for us to eat wang wang this morning after sunrise service at Kent Ridge:) all was through God's leading, by placing purposeful situations into our lives, even this morning! I also like the glutenous rice (nu4 mi3 fan4) from that stall!

yet, the best food is the one eaten with the one you love & who loves you- no matter how tasteless!