Saturday, April 18, 2009

polka dot shoes


do you not know that polka dot shoes are the biggest trend these days?

that's me on the left haha! HL and i were treated to a little something-something (which was SUPPOSED to be a surprise hee) at holland village yesterday, in preparation of a big something-something today! i must say the service offered was excellent, with tea, cookies and chocolate offered to all customers.

explanation about the polka dot shoes: i "sillyly" wore shoes so the nice ladies at serenity cove loaned me a pair of polka dot slippers! how thoughtful of them: allowing me to match the slippers with the polka dot blouse i happened to be wearing (see below) haha. but i felt abit stupid and clownish wearing them :P


i strongly recommend this place! :) but i do not recommend manicures/pedicures on a regular basis. quite expensive, impractical..and vain -_-""


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