Sunday, April 19, 2009

exciting day!

its been such an exciting and happening day that i just had to blog about it! WX and HL kindly invited PP and i to pei (accompany) them on their photoshoot day! or rather, to be a SK warrior la, heeheehee. honestly we weren't of much help, plus PP only joined us much later. but well,being in the midst of being with them, i just had a warm fuzzy feeling watching someone that i kinda grew up with radiate so much happiness, blissfulness, and looking so 漂亮 :)

AND...this couple is so sweet and cute la. they do not get tired of smiling for the camera, and u can see so much of their joy as they look into each others' eyes. awww~ :) thank u for asking us along!




no close-ups shown here but some nice ones were taken which i hope they will like :) and PP and i had a great chance to take pretty scenery shots too~


this place does not feel like singapore!


stitched up clouds





PP and i den flew back to church, but before that, had dinner while AHJIJAN studied :)


as i reflect, WX and HL are clear examples of 2 people who want to do God's will, and act only upon knowing that it is God's will. and even when they got first got together, they clearly wanted to honour God with their relationship. and today, what do we see? God's wonderful blessings upon them: provisions for their marriage in terms of finances, time, and people rallying around them. even today's weather was a perfect testimony of God's goodness upon them! surely, their cup runneth over.. and this is also a great encouragement to us to keep honouring God!


pp said...

haha did you know that crocs made bridal shoes these days?!:)

pp said...

in order to have a good photoshoot one need not focus on having the best photographer, the best gown, the best make-up artist, the best shoes...what we really need to focus on is to build the relationship on the Lord: who will give all that the couple needs:) the journey to the photoshoot, and the one after, is what makes the best photo album-agree?

thank God for the opportunity to see the joy and love in the two of them:)

they were very generous to also share the mozzies!haha:)

Esther Tan Lixin said...

i miss you girl! =)
Anyway, this is my 8th wk of practicum! almost done! lalala.. =)
When you are having ur photo shoot, remember to pray! =) the weather was so good on mine that even the photographer say it has been so long since he had such a beautiful sky. =)