Tuesday, July 07, 2009

rider's cafe

realised that ive been carried away by work. glad for this off day to sit down and think..and rest, and reflect...take my mind off work. tuesdays are so precious to me! people-in-my-life days..hehe..

here's where we went one recent tues..

DSC09888 DSC09916 DSC09906

while waiting for the food we were doodling with ideas for PP to make a "corrections" stamp for me...


look at someone's masterpiece: "its not my fault that i'm ugly - sorry my Queen" :)


there was nice scenery but i couldn't properly capture them due to lack of skill. haven't used jija-jija for a loong time..

without the telescopic lens:


with the telescopic lens:


this beautiful kingfisher just landed above us and all i could afford was one shot and he flew off :( couldn't capture the colours properly. wat a waste!


the food is great, they served us bread with yummylicious pastel sauce, service was excellent, ambience was lovely. PP and i were not too wel before tt with some communication breakdown and misunderstandings... spending good quality time helps sometimes. thank u PP, for bringing me here :)

Rider's Cafe

51 Fairways Drive, Bukit Timah Saddle Club


pp said...

God provides the right place at the right time, with the right person:)

if anyone wants to go there, book early for the balcony seats...if not ull have to 'squeeze' the manager for a place, but they are very nice and helpful pple who will shift their furniture to ensure a good spot! thank God for the right person at the right time:)

we should go back dere again hor dd:)

auntie said...

i like the photo of the three..and the one after that, with the purplish background..it looks like a painting! =))

auntie said...

i meant TREE..haha..three..paiseh auntie always has spelling problems! =p

lixin said...

we did my brother's proposal there! great place! food was not bad too! =)
Actually, there's a shop that we make stamps and it's $3 per stamp. Any design. just save a picture format. =)
BUT 爱心盖章different. hee... =)