Tuesday, March 23, 2010


today was such a busy busy day and bazaars are such exciting stuff but im so pooped. to the lovely people i met today, hello! pictures will come soon, and stuff not sold will be posted on the fitw shoppe. but, thank God, a fair amount of things are sold! wow!

i remember mum saying in her prayer, asking that i would taste the goodness of God through this bazaar. indeed, He gives beyond what we ask or think. blessed :)


pp said...

"one doesn't need many people to the shop, just the right person, sent from on high"

Anonymous said...

hellooo, you had a bazaar??? i'm helping my sister mend her booth at some flee market this saturday!

i miss you!! ):


auntie said...

ah ma!!
you have lap top bag - subdued nature?
my fren's interested in gettin!

Thank God for His blessings in your life! =))

Unknown said...

Hello! was at the bazaar yesterday and totally adored the pencil case with a pink heart :) totally regret not getting it.. wondering if its still available? :)