Thursday, March 25, 2010

shoppe update!

the shoppe has been updated with products left over from the bazaar at nus :) by God's grace, there isn't much left (ok i know this sounds weird), but the bags are still available and waiting for THE owner:)

as PP said, every work simply needs that very special one owner, to purchase it and be happy using it.

here are some of the stuff left, and im offering a special few at a discount.

this is priced really cheap because the the label appliqued in front is frayed and loose. it still looks nice though!


i remember this pair of really cute girlfriends chuckling at this bag (which is on sale too!)

DSC05233 DSC05235
i decided to put this on sale too :)

im going to post more images because the images in the shoppe are unfortunately, rather small. note: if you would like a better view of the products, just email a request!

i love this bag to bits!!apparently, so does ahjijan haha :) please, someone buy it because im so tempted to keep it for myself!

this is one of my favourites too :)

DSC05238 DSC05241DSC05242 DSC05250

the stuff are available only for a few weeks so do act fast~ :)


pp said...

the final product is but the end of a long road, but each step is ever so wonderfully provided by the Lord:)

the bicycle is the latest and newest range of designs- enjoyed the process with me wife-to-be:)

Anonymous said...

eeeeee everything is so prettyyy!! i want to get something!

when are you going to meet me? will you give me a crash course on how to tutor p5 kids?? i got the job! (: Thank God!