Tuesday, September 28, 2010

all that said

the cards were fun to make but all that aside, it has been an amazing journey thus far as we approach 01012011. counselling with rev koshy has been very blessed and thought-provoking. learning everyday and striving harder to be a help-meet for PP.

its not about me, but about him. its not about what he can do for me, but what i can do for him..

it is a beautiful pattern set by God. have been reading a book given by jie. after reading the first chapter, im aspiring to pray more for my partner, for life. thinking about it makes me look forward to the big day even more!! :) :)_DSC7228

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pp said...

Indeed there is a beautiful pattern:)

The pattern for the man is to forget about self.
It is not about what 'he' wants to do, but what 'He [God]' wants him to do.

And to do what God wants is the best pattern for us!

we love self-sacrificially, not for anything other than for the love which we received from On High.

Truly an amazing pattern, and God (esp in Christ) has set the example:)