Friday, October 01, 2010

30 sep 2010 from the DD

"God bless your photoshoot! =)"

received this sms from huilin in the morning of 30 sep-the day of our photoshoot! woke up feeling quite tired and groggy, and definitely, quite nervous about how the day would turn out.

10.00am. joce and PP arrived. dear joce had cheerfully agreed to come along for the photoshoot. we packed our stuff, took the guitar and set off! PP driving the mazda and meeeeeee driving the miiiiinnnniii!!! :) we bought breakfast and headed for the studio.all this while, it was drizzling. but i kept telling myself to have faith.

11.00am. thought we were running late. we went to the studio and discovered that it was still not opened even though our appointment was at 10.30am. of course, the worrywart in me started to nag...oh no...this is a bad start to the day..

11.10am. emily, my make-up artist arrived! she was nice and friendly and very sweet. although the trial makeup did not go too well (because of me not knowing what i wanted) it all worked out fine even though false eyelashes were poking my eye! PP had to wear make-up too!!!hahahaha!! :)

12.30pm. we were almost done, but it was still raining :( :( :( we decided to have our lunch first. PP went to maxwell market to grab some food while joce and i stayed at the studio...

1.30pm. we finished our lunch, and our koi, but it was still raining.....

2.15pm. we decided to just set off.

2.30pm. we arrived at mount emily park. it was still raining....we had to stay in the car and wait..joce showed me a hilarious caucasian version of our photographer...

3pm. we could not wait any longer! although it was still drizzling, we headed out anyway. the sand was wet, the swings and see-saws were wet, we had to make do with alot of plastic bags and towels, but we were already starting to have fun and that was when we realised that our photographer was really humourous and we felt quite comfortable with him :) :) thanksgiving: thank God for our photographer, calvin!

4pm. we headed for portsdown road. our photographer has an eye for detail and good lighting. we found a pretty spot and took somemore pictures. we experimented with our props, we ate (sour) strawberries, cycled, and saw a lorry that was stuck on the field because of the mud caused by the rain. thanksgiving: thank God for the rain! by then, it had stopped raining and the sun had come out. perfect for photo-taking :) and not too hot for us! PLUS, no mosquitoes, possibly because of the rain :) :) :)

5pm. we headed for the railway track that was not too far off. we met...a photojournalist...and we took more pictures :)

6.20pm we reached upper seletar reservoir, a most beautiful place. the sun was setting! gasp! we were running out of time! gasp! PP had to pump the helium balloon! gasp! i had to change! gasp! this was probably when the madness started. i walked/sprinted/jogged/crawled all the way to the toilet with joce rallying behind/next to me. it was the longest walk of my life. the toilet was a good 1000000000000000000000000km away and i thought i was never going to reach! at long last, i stepped into the toilet. gasp! there were no lights! in a frenzy, auntie suggested that we just close the door to the toilet entrance and we did just that. i changed, as fast as i could! i think i looked mad. i ran out. gasp! PP was still nowhere to be seen. ah, that was when i saw him in a distance, running towards me, brandishing a 3 feet wide balloon in his hands.

i thought to myself, 他真的是在追我。quickly, hastily, the photograper set up his equipment while we tried to blot the oil off our face and i tried to look sane. we took pictures....with the beautiful beautiful.. thanksgiving: that was when i really tasted God's love. joce told me that if it did not rain, the clouds would not have cleared and sunset would not have been so gorgeous.

7.15pm we decided to leave the place.

7.30pm. the carpark was so far away it took us so long to actually leave.

7.50pm. we dropped joce off at FEBC before heading back to the studio. thanksgiving: auntie, you are such a great great help!!!! we will really be a mess without you! it is also a comfort to have you beside me while i drive.....

8.10pm. our families were waiting for us! i ran to the studio trying not to trip over the gown. changed.

8.30pm. we started taking pictures and that was when i felt a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. 2 families 'united' because of our relationship. thanksgiving: for all our beloved loved ones who love us so much and patiently waited for us! also, the timing according to jie, was good because Zachy just woke up.

9.30pm. had dinner, went home, cleared up. soooooo many things that needed to be cleared up! spent a good 30 min clearing the gunk on my face and another 45 min clearing the helmet of hairspray on my head!

1.00am. finally, i can take a deep breath. can we say enough about how good God is to us, in so many countless ways? when you start to doubt, don't. have faith. be sure that you are walking according to God's purposes and that is when you will really taste, and see that the Lord is good, indeed. Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


lixin said...

Meet meet meet meet meet!

jie said...

hey babes! haha I was waiting to hear about the shoot from you tml but came across your post whilst I was blog surfing! :) so glad it turned out wonderful for you both, and even gladder that you have tasted and seen the goodness of God through this! :) and in future if you lose heart and feel discouraged, just look back and remember how God is good, and always will be good! am praying for you both as you draw nearer and nearer to your big day! :) :)

ps haha I could literally feel myself panting as I read about your rush for the sunset haha!