Monday, October 04, 2010

children's day, again!

children's day 2010! there was quite a debate in my heart whether i should do or not do anything. sometime in the process, i turned to PP and asked him and his response was (pardon the singlish): you can don't do anything meh?

that's right. after all the love showered on me during teacher's day, it's hard to stay aloof and give something half-heartedly....
so i made them badges...using this idea. the badge has a penguin taken from here and it says "improvements are made, step by step!" for my school students" and "walk with Jesus, step by step!" for my sunday school students. here's the tag..


then, PP and i scooted over to the meiji seika factory at 36 quality road to buy some goodies for the kids..if you are ever free on fri from 12-3pm, you should go there to check it out! it has a myriad of meiji goodies at significantly cheaper prices and i promise your heart will start beating faster when you enter the shop :) think hello panda, garlic toast biscuits, chocolate bars, galbo and horn chocolate WOW!!!! we bought the special-kind-of-yanyan and tons of other things for ourselves and others. packing time!
time spent: quite long  -_-'''
money spent:we were abit more prudent this year compared to last year so it was good! :)
was it worthwhile?
being able to work on something with PP, hearing kids squeal in delight and say things like "Ooooh Ms Esther Lin, you are so sweet!!".."CHEEZELS!!!! THERE'S CHEEZELS!!!"..."Thank you SO MuCH i have never received anything like this before!".."Ms Esther Lin, you always like that one!!" ..."EEEEEEH!! There's CHEEZELS!!!" ...i guess it was worthwhile :) :)


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pp said...

There'll always be a child in everyone of us.

Twas a joy and blessing to prepare the gifts for yet another year:)

Every experience teaches us more about each other and self too!