Tuesday, March 08, 2011


i really really miss sewing very much. longing for a time that i can just sit down and cut cloth and sew without fretting about other things, but it's not time :) most of the time i sew something, it is usually a rushed job, but that maybe reflective of my personality as well!


the most recent thing i sewed (i think) is this dress, which is actually just a longer version of this. i love this pattern very very much! the neckline is not too low, and waistline falls at the right place, and i can custom it to whatever length i like :) i do not have many pictures of it, but i sewed it pretty much in preparation for our engagement photoshoot :) i tried to make the neckline more "V" instead of rounded, but it was done with much fear and apprehension. talked and worried about it so many times to PP and did not dare to get started because of this -_- thank God that it worked out and though it was quite runched up, ironing did the trick :) phew!


the gorgeous fabric is from Malin Textiles, which is one of my favourite fabric stores in Chinatown. the pattern comes from this book "Dress Made Of My Favourite Cloth", bought from Kinokuniya. The book consists of different dresses and blouses that are really classic - definitely worth an investment or worth borrowing ;)

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