Friday, April 15, 2011

sister skirts

as this post suggested, all my sisters had pretty skirts to wear! i liked them, but im not sure if my sisters did :/ in any case, i really thought they all looked very nice in them. thank God for a quick and efficient seamstress who helped a big deal! (no, i DID NOT sew them - i must be crazy to do that!)

Zungui is a chinese-speaking lady who owns a little shop in Bukit Batok. while it does not appear to be much, her handiwork is excellent and she sets high expectations for herself. there were not stray threads, no seam rips, except for a few sizing hiccups (which is very very likely if u sew a dress!)

here's her contact:
Bukit Batok East Ave 3, Blk 278, #01-K1

tips when getting a dress custom-made:
again, be very clear!
it will be great if u can provide a sample, go shopping for the cloth, and give her sufficient time to work on the project :)

as for the gorgeous ties that the brothers have - we got them from a pushcart selling ties and bowties in Bugis Junction :)

Emerson & Esther (day) 116.jpg


auntie said...

i liked it! (the skirt) =))
i like the pic too! doesnt look singapore-ish! hahah!

ah ma said...

hahaha!! shhhhhh! secret location not to be revealed publicly!! ;)