Thursday, April 21, 2011

yummy xiaolongbao!

PP and I were blessed with the chance to check out what is supposedly "one of the best" xiaolongbaos" in Singapore, tucked in a little corner in Serangoon. felt alittle apprehensive at first and thought it would be a disappointment, but was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food! :)

the xlb did not have an overpowering meat taste and was nt too salty. it was light to the mouth and comparable to crystal jade or din tai fung standards!

we also tried my favourite cuttlefish with pepper and salt and wow! it was awesome! the cuttlefish was tender (can't believe saying this for sotong haha) and when tasted hot, will melt in your mouth :)

we also had noodles with braised pork rib soup - the soup base was lovely, light and nt overpowering, yet tasty enough! :) and also... the soft pillowy mantou :)

this place is really worth visiting and we are definitely going back again. hint: go on a weekday, for lunch but after the lunch hour around 2 - that's when u can have the whole place to yourself, like PP and I did :)

somethings to take note of:
they take a break from 3pm to 5pm
the website (
opening hours are not accurate (they actually close at 10.30pm)

Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant Food
141-144 Jalan Besar
S 208859
Contact: 62971398

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pp said...

"Hand in Hand" - what a name, and what a place to bring your loved ones "hand-in-hand" :)