Thursday, April 28, 2011

flower magic

my little secret dream has always been to cycle down some breezy lane, selling wild flower bouquets on my 一朵 (see here) ..

*piak* wake up esther, you don't even know how to wrap a bouquet! haha. indeed, alot of experience and knowledge is needed when dealing with flowers and PP and i truly thank God for our dear aunt who helped us greatly with the beautiful flower arrangements!!

where else can you find someone else so cheerful, so jolly, and yet so dedicated? she bought little buckets and painted them just so she could achieve the coral blue shade to fit our wedding theme. she sewed the seat covers by herself! she requested PP to go into the forest to dig for a solid branch so she could come up with a never-seen-before floral arrangement! im sure the twisting of the silver wire to form our names must have given her blisters... :/ yet, never a word of complain.

and the beautiful beautiful head-dress for the flower girls, made of baby's breath. i wish i had them for myself!

need i say's ChrisLena's masterpieces.... photos courtesy of WX and HL :)

DSC 0310

DSC 0317

DSC 0316

DSC 0319

DSC 0323

she also did up hand bouquets for my parents and sisters, but unfortunately, no pictures :/ the day we went flower-shopping with her was so fun! our dear aunt is so funny, so creative, and wonderfully protective over our flowers! she was very very clever to suggest that we head there early in the morning so we could get the best and the freshest flowers :) that's how we managed to get our hands on the beautiful hydrangeas and rose cabbages :) although auntie ChrisLena is not a florist currently, she used to have a shop and has the necessary skills needed to handle projects like my wedding, and we truly thank God for her. need i say more?

brides-to-be, if you are looking for someone to take care of your florals, feel free to let me know.

alternatively, you can contact her at: 8333 2203 :)

the lovely head-dresses, worn by the three lovely girls :) oh yes, and their pretty buckets of baby's breath :)

DSC 0341

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pp said...

the wonderful icy moments in the freezers of the whole-sale flower shops at thompson. remember to wear thicker clothes when going down there, or you could bring more friends to provide warmth:)