Thursday, April 28, 2011

stamp stamp stamp!

aaaah... there is something else i must not forget to blog about - our helper's gifts! the people whom we engaged to help us are people truly close to our hearts and we appreciate their love and hard work very much. so we decided to set aside a budget, and we were hoping to give something meaningful and something that each family/person would like. since a long time ago, PP and i started brainstorming and racking our brains for what we could give. we wanted it to be practical, and in some ways encourage them, and of course, it had to be something they would like and they would use!

after searching around, PP and i decided that perhaps stamps would be fit the bill quite well, and we loved how they turned out!

using some of the graphics like the border and the little train motif in photoshop, we came up with this design... (p.s. you can access it through the 'shape' function)



for some families, we put addresses, while for others, we put our wedding theme. and yes, it was so nice that we had to order one for ourselves too ;) to make the stamp, we engaged the help of Zoopri! Jennifer was very nice. she gave us a bulk discount because we ordered a total of 50++ pieces :) she offered to give us the "stamp support" thingee that looked rather plasticky (as though from popular). hmmmm... not exactly to my liking :/  so we asked for just the rubber part of the stamp. this was what was sent to us :)



then, PP and i bought wood blocks from DAISO (my favourite!) and with some sticking and stamping this is how it turned out :)

IMG 0012 edit

hello couple-about-to-get-married! :)

IMG 0016 edit

wrapped them up with white bags from SKP (another of my favourite) and made some labels to seal them up.


each name represents a BIG blessing given to us by God!



carol said...

awesome!! i should have guessed that you made the wooden block thing yourselves!!! it honestly looked like it was part of the manufacturing :)

i love it!!! dont forget you also bought the stamp pads for 50+ pple :):)

btw your blog is an amazing source of information, and its really wonderful to hear about all the behind-the-scenes stuff, so do keep it coming! (When you're free :p)

esther said...

thank u soooo much carol! its my hope and prayer that the blog can be a blessing and ill not get carried away by it. im glad you enjoy reading it! :)

looking forward to yours soon, but don't stress! these are all frills. to get married, all you need is David and the Pastor hahaha.. ;) we will keep you in prayer :)

carol said...

that is so true :)

thanks for being blessing again!!!!

(am too busy to think abt wedding prep now but will resume in june, heh... so not stressed :p)