Wednesday, June 22, 2011

harvest farm breakfast

the next day, we had breakfast at the town area of Yarra Valley, which isn't very large to begin with. however, it surprisingly has some quirky stores and we ended up buying quite a few things!


our day started in Harvest Cafe before we went to explore the place. many ideas we picked up that we could use for *wink wink wink*!

Address: 256 Maroondah Highway, Healesville VIC Australia 3777




Harvestcafe lomo1


the food was awesome! mmmm...


IMG 0446


we decided to walk around and to my pleasant surprise, we found a few stores i liked very much!


one of them was Morris Brown, which sold vintage/handmade items that are rather "one-of-a-kind".


Address: 264 Maroondah Highway, Healesville Main Street, VIC 377

Morrisbrown lomo

Morris lomo

Morrisbrown lomo1



IMG 0454edit


we ended up spending such a long time exploring the shops that we missed the picnic our travel planner had planned for us! She actually arranged for us to go to Mud Factory, rent two bikes, cycle to a nearby creek and have a picnic lunch. We eventually dropped by at the place but due to time constraint, we did not cycle out. but we still had to pay for the rental of the bikes. hmm :(


in any case, it was a very very memorable time!

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