Friday, June 24, 2011

Queen Victoria Market

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Queen Victoria Market - a place of many colours, sights and sounds. My suggestion? Don't check out the long stretch of stores selling non-food items. they are mostly repeats and several of them are probably owned by the same person. the prices are the same, and so are the discounts. if you are looking for cheap souvenirs in large quantities, just go to the first stall you see ;)


on the other hand, THE FOOD is definitely worth checking out!! :) don't go too early. 7am, the suggested "opening hour", is unearthly. we found ourselves in a dead market. hehe. as it got to 8-9am, stalls started to open up and that, was when we really enjoyed taking in the sights and sounds :)


fresh groceries in radiant colours make for lovely pictures! :)





Queen Victoria Market was the place we had our.most.awesome.breakfast.EVER.

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i can't really pinpoint what was so wonderful about it, but sitting in the cold wind and tucking into cheese-laden meaty hotdogs, pies and chicken wings was euphoric. PP says it was because of the atmosphere but i think the food definitely had a part to play!



the juicy beef pie:

Ferguson Plarre

Shop 77/80, Dairy Hall

the hot dog (not so sure of the shop, think it's this one)

The Bratwurst Shop

Shop 99/100

Dairy Produce Hall

the chicken wings (must try!!!)

The Corner Chicken Shop

Shop 87/89

Dairy Produce Hall



the second time we went back, we had hot chocolate from Koko Black.

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looks can be deceiving. i have had several cups of hot chocolate in melbourne but nothing packs a punch like this!


we also had the awesomest pancakes!!

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each dollop of pancake will burst in your mouth like a pancake bomb! YUM!!  this is also a must try :)

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Pancakes: Cafe Verona

77 Victoria Street (Vic Market Place)


i really enjoyed my time there. there was so much to take in, in many ways. i suppose only a tourist would find a market "interesting". i can't say im a fan of our local markets -_-''



a little bird watched us as we ate our breakfast... :)


recounting our time there makes me smile. thank God for such opportunities to travel and see more of what He has created and blessed :)

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pp said...

i thinkt he only "local market" that we go to is ghim moh, to have the prawn noodles, but other than that i don't think we will "chill out" at them. but queen vic market is a good place for a simple and nice breakfast. the mini-pancakes reminder me of tako-balls in sg, really really cool stuff. we must try it back here one day!

-sweet memories