Thursday, July 28, 2011

morning programme - part one

yes, it was called a "morning programme", and not a gate-crashing session, or a "tekan" session. it was our hope and prayer that the morning would be meaningful and memorable, and also a wonderful time for the 姐妹s and 兄弟s :)


also, the main reason why PP and i decided to get a videographer was because i would be cooped up in the room for a large part of the morning, missing out everything :/  thank God for leading us to Why Keen, who captured the morning so beautifully and touched me to tears. thank God also, for the brothers, who were such sports, and looked especially dashing in their ties and suspenders :) not forgetting of course, my dear sisters, who thoughtfully planned everything, allowing every activity to be meaningful and encouraging :)


one of the most memorable parts of the morning consisted of a "love contract", created by my girlfriends, amanda and siqi! see how gorgeous it is? what touched me most was how they embraced our theme, ATWOSLU! look at the conditions laid out! some of them are so meaningful and real, while others crack me up haha!!


Emerson  Esther  day 039

photo credit: Bryan Jean Photography

me reading the contract...


IMG 0117 copy

the last part, is simply quirkily sweetly hilarious :) left pinky, ring, etc etc.... haha!

IMG 0118

DSC 0099

so glad that Why Keen captured a large part of this in the video. i will always remember PP's words.


"happily, i will sign this thing..."  =...)



pp said...

it was indeed a meaningful morning and the events were truly a blessing. the love contract reminds me that without God it is impossible, and that it takes a life-time to get better in fulfilling them. Only all by His grace.

p.s. so far i have protected esther from quite a few types of insects, but lizzards...mercy was shown to them and they were allowed to run away (haha, or maybe i didn't get close enough to them heh)

zq said...

Hellooo! bro and F-R-I-E-N-D

Just wanted to let you know that your posts here are very encouraging, and i'm sure a blessing to many :)

and also that there are people reading your blog!

Praying for the both of you :)

In Christ

p.s. you know how we have to type a word verification before we leave a comment? The word below this box right now happens to be worni. It looked like worm at first, hahaha. how apt :D

esther said...

hey friend!
thank u for commenting here :) you know what you said means so much. i struggle all the time and pray that the blog can be a blessing instead of a fake show of who i am.

im not sure that people are reading, but im happy to keep it that way and use this as a record of my memories too :)

thanking God for your prayers, bro, it's the best a friend can give.

WORMS!!! haha!


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