Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wedding programme + thoughts


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thank God for my super talented sister who came up with our wedding programme, on top of many other things :)


during the wedding preparation process, we were constantly telling ourselves to focus on the important matters. really, with all possibilities that a wedding can have, it is very easy to lose control! we indeed wanted alot of things, but we ended up putting them aside, simply because, a wedding is for a day, but marriage is for a lifetime. i thank God for leading us in this way. Pre-marital counselling we had each week was a really good time to set our priorities right.. and godly friends shared with us some great literature to prepare ourselves. and now that i look back, im especially thankful! i realised that alot of little touches were actually with love, from alot of people!


for example, we had zero intention for wedding favours, but PP's sister came along and offered. we considered having no flowers in the sanctuary, but we thought it would be nice to involve PP's aunty and she came up with such beautiful pieces! and here u see, the beautiful programme sheet done up by my sister! jie, i was only expecting a simple, plain programme leh.  you COMPLETELY exceeded my expectations! and the morning programme on our special day was so memorable and the brothers/sisters ended up putting together a beautiful masterpiece, which i hope to share about next time.


of course, we wanted our wedding very much to be a time to show how thankful we were and how much we loved the people around us, so we spared no effort and allocated as much as we could in budget for gifts and cards. no regrets, really!


hence, if i can give any advice as an "ex-bride" to a future bride-to-be, i would say, don't go heady with the "frills". those are not important. take time to focus on preparing to be the helpmeet for your future partner of a lifetime. if you are a Christian, take time to pray about this great commitment you are about to take on. for me, i was blessed to have a circle of godly Christian sisters and there were some occasions when we were able to share about our struggles and (my) fears and commit them to God...thank God for the love of all these people. i am unworthy, but im very very blessed!  thank God also for PP, who took on a huge chunk of the coordinating and planning so i would not be overwhelmed all these things. i think our coordinators must have thought i was rather aloof :p


also, make use of this wedding day to point others to Christ and show how much you appreciate your loved ones :) a big tendency is to be "self-obsessed" and to place the spotlight on yourself. but no, use it to point others to God. share about God's goodness and what God has done for the both of you. this way, people who have never have heard about God or the love of Christ can witness God's love to the both of you. a suggestion: instead of screening photos of yourself, screen photos of your loved ones and those who helped :)  we did during our thank you speech.... haha... and ended up being "scolded" for screening some unglam shots la! haha!


indeed, all the way our Saviour leads us. even till today, we are still learning to be husband and wife... but our comfort is that we have a God who provides for us and teaches us each day.

Rounded Corn1ers

Rounded Corners

It's not an easy road, we are trav'ling to Heaven,

For many are the thorns on the way;

It's not an easy road but the Saviour is with us,

His presence gives us joy every day.


pp said...

just to share more on the behind-the-scenes stuff about the wonderful programme sheet...when we were about to produce the hundreds of copies one afternoon, just before going down to the printer, Rev Koshy informed me that there was an error in the vows!!! thank God for pointing out to us the error just in time. This was just one way (among the many) how God led us through. And it these things do encourage and strengthen us to know that God will lead us all the way, especially when we see our weaknesses.

pp said...

couldn't agree more about not promoting "self" during the wedding. the temptation (and natural tendency) is to keep "self" the focus on "Your big day". But truly the blessing comes when God is the focus. While the wedding day is but one-day in a lifetime, fundamental principles in marriage can be set and seen from the wedding day. It is a great blessing to have godly and loving counsels from mature and caring brethren. thank you to all of you!

esther said...

aah PP! you comment so quickly and i like your comment so much!! ^_^