Monday, July 18, 2011

wedding favours

remember the pretty candy here?


since a reader asked me where i got them, i realised that this is another great contact i ought to share. Made in Candy is this awesome awesome candy shop in the basement of United Square at Novena. Every time you walk past, you will see crowds of people and children, observing them hard at work. While it can be considered expensive to splurge on this, we were thankful because PP's sister offered to sponsor them having seen how nice they were!


Since PP and I wanted to make it more meaningful, we designed the stickers and got them printed (from here too) and pasted on the little boxes (many thanks to the several helping hands, you know who you are!). the verse on the sticker says:

O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psa 34:8




hence, the candy reads "THE LORD IS GOOD." In this way, the candy can be a quirky, but sweet way of pointing others to the Lord and also showing our non-christian friends that God is indeed good to us!


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many thanks to a friend who captured these photos so i can now share them with you all :)


Made in Candy was super easy to work with. All we had to do was to get a form, let them know our preferences, and draw out the pattern. Nothing seems too difficult for them! We could even choose the flavours and so, we chose peach which was really, really, fabulous. liked it alot :)


pp said...

the guys at "made in candy" were very easy to work with, they even agreed to pack the candies into the containers that we provided them with (only make sure that it is "air tight", so that the candies will not melt). indeed, the Lord IS Good.

Penelope said...

Hey Esther, thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas on your blog. I'm also a Christian bride to be that loves doing handicrafts but I'm far from what you are. Love all the little detail and attention that you have spend in giving your wedding the personal touch. Hope I will be able to do that as well but I'm not as creative and time is running out for me. Just gonna do my best. Looking forward in the reading more of your post. Cheers on your blissful marriage!

God bless,

esther said...

Hi Penelope,
Im so happy to know that you are a Christian bride :) in Christ, this holy union is blessed and indeed, two are better than one. don't worry about all these "frills" and outsource as much as you can. spend the time preparing to be the help, meet for your future husband :) this is what matters in marriage. if you notice my posts, i actually do very little of the things.. it's mostly given to others to do, haha! thank God for loving people. may God bless your marriage-to-come :)