Monday, July 18, 2011

our wedding ride

our wedding car!

Emerson  Esther  day 043

photo by Bryan Jean Photography


We knew we could not have any other  vehicle, we loved it, and we never regretted our choice :)


we spent a considerably amount of time traveling in the wedding car and it was a very very memorable time! (auntie, remember when it started raining!!??:)) not to mention, ah-hem, our dear ahjijan forgot that he was supposed to open the door for us and kept us waiting in the car -_-


available here :)


however, the owner did mention that he plans to send it for refurbishing and may not be available for booking for a certain period of time.


pp said...

and now we just want to buy it, haha:)) if you know of anyone who wants to sell it, please let us know! and truly, its the people in the van that makes all the it a wonderful ride :)

auntie said...

hahaha... how could i forget! =)) thank God for the showers of blessings! and that you did not get wet! =))