Wednesday, July 06, 2011

the nobbies

the nobbies - "offers spectacular coastal scenery, viewing of the offshore seal colony at Seal Rocks and the chance to walk among nesting seabird colonies". "Two kilometres offshore from the Nobbies, Seal Rocks is an important breeding ground and nursery for over 20,000 Australian Fur Seals.  This is the closest seal colony to a major city in Australia." -source


after seeing the penguins, PP and i headed over to the nobbies on phillip island, where entry is free. it was worth a sight and we truly enjoyed the billions of seagulls amidst the cerulean sky :) we were of course, not able to see much of the seals :/ they were soooo far away! perhaps with a telescopic lens or binoculars, you would be able to get a better view!


the interesting rock formation...



we were not sure what caused the white markings...but we figured..they should be bird poop! lots and lots of it!


IMG 0499

our version of touristy shots...hehe....


yet another beautiful vintage car sighted!

DSC07933 vintage

DSC07935 vintage

PP took these bird shots while i was in the toilet :)


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