Saturday, July 30, 2011

our photo story






















here are the locations we went to :)


playground: mount emily park (this is a lovely place with old-school swings where we had lots of fun!)


beautiful field + bicycle road: portsdown - drive around the estate and you will see this HUGE patch of grass :) there is also an old-school cafe called colbar that's really nice too!


railway track: Jalan Hang Jebat - the other side of portsdown, near a mosque, but probably no more :(


lighthouse: upper seletar reservoir - a most beautiful place where we tried to catch the sunset, but unfortunately, our shots did not turn out very nice :/


p.s. can you see my teeny weeny hand bouquet of baby's breath? haha! i tried to put it together and it was a flop! Xiao-Hu (the photographer) described it as "草” hahaha! :)


this makes our story, which was made into an album. thank God for blessing the process, and PP and i were very pleasantly surprised that it turned out far better than what we expected. it was tough because the bridal studio totally did not understand our concept, but thank God it all worked out for good! our experiences are shared here (from my perspective) and here (from PP's perspective). as my sister commented, "so glad it turned out wonderful for you both, and even gladder that you have tasted and seen the goodness of God through this! :) and in future if you lose heart and feel discouraged, just look back and remember how God is good, and always will be good!"  wow. indeed, re-reading the sharing really encouraged my heart and reminded me (who is very forgetful), that indeed, God is good and will always be good.


Huiyi said...

I love this!! :)

esther said...

hi huiyi,
thanks for your sweet words. im sure your photos will turn out lovely too, by His grace :) :)