Wednesday, August 10, 2011

holding hands

today marks 7 years we have held hands. while we do not have a special anniversary date (well now we do have a wedding anniversary date heh), this day is rather special to us as shared here.

2 months before we held hands, PP actually spoke to me about it. it was our desire to keep pure, for God.  And only God could have kept us together, till thus far.




Your Hand in Mine

(Written by PP)


Hands were held while we were small,

That their precious one will not fall.

But even when the fall did come,

*Sayangs* were given by dad and mum.


Hands were held by you and me,

As we walked down “that alley”.

How it happened I did not know,

But one thing’s sure, I’m not letting go.


Just as when you were a little child,

I’m holding yours with a loving smile.

Never a fall I dare not say,

But your hand in mine will surely stay.


Your hand in mine so long ago,

Yet our love is made to grow.

Not by any good in us,

But in God’s faithful hands we simply trust.


Two hands alone can never be;

To last for long there must be three.

Like the blissful couples passed,

Your hand in mine, with God we’ll last.


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