Tuesday, August 16, 2011

saybons french food factory

for a little palate surprise, PP and i cut down on the amount of food catered in the buffet lunch and used the money saved to share some delectable french dessert! of course, it was from none other than our favourite Saybons!




coincidentally, their colours match our wedding theme TTM :)

Rounded Corners

check out their menu and you will see an array of crepes that are MUST-TRY. the wild mushroom soup and lobster bisque are personal favourites of ours! we liased with Daphane, who was super nice, friendly, and very pleasant to work with. she was able to identify our needs and flexible enough to accommodate what we wanted. for example, she advised us not to serve lobster bisque because some guests might have allergies, which was something we never thought of. basically, everything, including the set-up was handed over to them and boy, did they do a wonderful job! in spite of the long queues, the chefs worked extremely hard to feed everyone :) on top of that, they were so sweet to keep an extra container of wild mushroom soup for us to bring back to enjoy :)


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many thanks to Saybons for capturing these photos so we can now share them with you :)

side note: their escargots are quite awesome too :)

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