Monday, October 31, 2011

children's day 2011 - part 1

i must say that i (maybe PP too!) regretted many times after we embarked on this project. it was TOUGH! on top of the fact we had to juggle several things to. nonetheless, it was a small gesture on our part to show our love to our students. hope they liked it!

important things you need to embark on this project:

1) do it with a smile :)


2) a nifty pretty stamp - bought or carved by a dear one like PP :)


IMG 4963 copy

3) alphabet stamps (i got mine from Kikki K!)

IMG 4965 copy

4) it's always nice to have someone to stand by you in the projects you do :)

IMG 4966 copy

PP and i purchased canvas bags in bulk. thank God for leading us to a reasonable source, where we managed to get them for less than $3 a bag :)

thereafter, stamp, stamp, stamp and stamp somemore...! and this is what you should get :)

IMG 4979 copy

as for the other side of the bag, we created a design, and printed it on iron-on fabric transfer paper (i have used them here and here before)

IMG 5006 copy

here's the end result :)

PTM Before and After Frames BlogVERT

we packed it with cheezels (i promise you this is a must), snacks and stationery. did the kids like it? i think so. one of my favourite students, E, declared, "I'm going to keep this until it grows mould! awww <3




pp said...

"better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof" Ecc 7:8.

indeed it was not an easy task that was undertaken, and by God's grace we finished it. and it is such a blessing to finish a thing with the life-partner given from Above :)

Penelope said...

Hi Esther, I've been following your blog occasionally. Really love the stuff you have been doing. Not sure u recall someone asking about the red heart anti slips on your pre-wedding photos? Well, thats me. =)

I've been searching high and low for rubber stamps without any carvings. Mind telling me where u got yours?

esther said...

Hi Penelope!
of course i can remember :) have you had your wedding? if so, i hope it was a blessed time :)

we stocked up on these large rubber pieces from daiso. they were really cheap so we bought more but im really not sure if they still have it because it was some time ago. if not, i believe you can try kinokuniya (since it's a japanese zakka craft) or perhaps you can try "linocut" or linoleum. i have heard of people using those to make stamps, but im not sure how it works. that, you can probably get from art friend :)

God bless!