Thursday, May 31, 2012

counting my blessings in Public Garden May 2012

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What a lovely experience it was at the Public Garden! Like i shared with some of my loved ones, this bazaar was a time when i really experienced God's goodness in so many ways :) here are some pictures! I was too exhausted to take any but my dear PP helped to take some :) 







let me count my blessings here:

- for countless lovely people who came down to show their support: auntie, 107, XW, HL, WX, CW + J, YR, R, K, K and M, EJ and family, ZH and family, Ade + friend, V + friend, DK + CYL + EO! and of course my dear parents, brothers and sister (+ Z!) ! 

- for how these lovely people made the process so much more enjoyable and fun with their presence :) 

- for a great helping hand in my sister, who made a great deal of awesome products :) 

- for the extra muscles from my two brothers ^_^

- for the many food, bought by many people, meant to stuff me TTM!

- for wonderful weather! it was drizzling around 3pm on sat and I was kind of worried. but the weather cleared and the rain brought a cool and refreshing breeze :)

- for the lovely people who stopped at our stall and who encourage me in what i do by their smiles and encouraging words

- for safety, strength and sustenance through the entire event

- for my mother's "xue ge"

- and last of all, always, for my dear PP who supports me in this whole-heartedly and always does what he can to help me.

for all these, i thank God! God is so good :)

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1:17

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jean said...

Beautiful!! Praise the Lord for the goodness you experienced through Him.. it is so precious and I can feel the joy through your post!

esther said...

yes jean, after every bazaar there's much to be thankful for :) precious memories indeed, thank God!

pp said...

first public garden and i thank God that we could do it together. all things seemed to have been perfectly pre-arranged - thank God for His guiding hands. labouring together once again, happy to share life's precious moments together. all in God's hands. looking forward to see where the Lord will lead us :)

oh, what a pity that the brand new (big) logo was lost. a blur pp left it on the roof of the car and zoomed off. if anyone saw the logo, please contact us!!