Wednesday, May 16, 2012

something's brewing

FITW is taking a big step to explore something new! this month, we will be entering the arty-farty scene with the Singapore Arts Festival and the Public Garden. 

If you're free, you're encouraged to come! not only to support me, but enjoy all the other unique products from other stalls as well :) 



if you have never heard about public garden, do visit their blog here :) they also offer more information about how to get to the exact location and what you can expect to see. the event lasts for three weekends but i will only be there from the 25th - 26th of May :) 

as for FITW... sorry for the lack of photos but you can still expect a fresh new set-up but with the same handmade and quirky goodness in bags, pouches, photo-cards and other accessories. see u! :) 

p.s. this is a night event and because it's the first time im trying it out, i do have some fears and prayer requests. firstly, for grace and strength during the preparation and actual event, and secondly, that it will not be a complicated night scene with loud music and an ungodly atmosphere. if you're a fellow sister/brother in Christ, i covet your prayers :) thank u :)

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pp (bfeae) said...

a big step for us indeed, a step of faith to see where the Lord is leading us. thank God for the desire to please Him in all things!

looking forward to another bazaar tog! God willing.