Tuesday, August 07, 2012

gender reveal!

DSC03237 copy

the question on the tip of the tongue of almost every other person is.... so, do u prefer a boy or a girl?? 

oh dear, what a question to ask! at this point of time, you just wish for the baby to be healthy and growing well, and deciding your preference would create room for disappointment, wouldn't it? 

all that said, i have to admit we were really excited to find out, and so were our loved ones! just like how we broke the news of baby E's arrival, we wanted to leave time for us to capture the expression of our loved ones, and so with some brainstorming, PP and i decided to make use of marshmallows :) marshmallows are affordable, small and easily acessible, and they aptly come in various flavours. We thought of using strawberry-flavoured marshmallows to represent a girl, and chocolate marshmallows to represent a boy. then, we spent about 20 min composing this little poem :) 

DSC03239 copy

We printed this image on sticker paper, which we cut up and pasted onto little white bags (readily available at Daiso). then, we took the marshmallows out of their original packaging and tucked them into little ziplock bags before putting them into the white bags. all these were completed within one hour, very simple and fuss free! 

DSC03240 copy

DSC03251 copy

here' s an image of the sticker. i used a watercolour texture from August Empress, with scrabble tiles from Fuzzimo. the fonts i used: Lullaby for the poem, and Discipuli Britannica for the verse at the bottom. 


so, are you eager to know the gender as well? :) take a peek here!

DSC03245 copyit's chocolate, which means..... it's a.....

DSC03242 copy

Boy! :) how we really loved the reactions of our family and friends! :) watching them chew, and witness their eyes open up in surprise at the revelation :) it's moments like these that im grateful to capture :) 



ning said...

Congrats Esther! :) Very happy for you! And that's the cutest idea ever to tell people about the baby's gender! :)


esther_lin22@hotmail.com said...

Hi ning! :)
Thank you! God is good :) Welcome back to Singapore!

Unknown said...

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