Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Fruit of the Spirit - craft for cambodian children

while i am not able to go, PP and a team of church friends will be travelling down to cambodia for a mission trip in Sep. thank God though, for the opportunity to serve :) a few of the sisters mentioned that it would be good for the children to have canvas bags (as seen here). while children here in singapore may take them for granted, we are certain bags will come in handy and mean alot for children over there. it is a major project though, procuring 160 bags and considering how the children can enjoy this hands-on activity.

there were many factors to consider. for example, the ink has to be water-resistant, it has to be as fuss free as possible, and yet at the same time, the activity ought to engage and bring out the theme. you can check out some of the ideas i got from the internet here

it's a time like this im EXTREMELY grateful for the silhouette cameo! it cut transparency PERFECTLY and with the help of it, I have 10 stencils for everyone to pre-paint a base (the brown parts) on the 160 bags! 

Photo 10Photo 6

Photo 5

then, i used a scissors to cut a leaf shape and a heart shape from the foam, and mounted them on cardboard. 

Photo 7

stamp stamp stamp! *jiang jiang* the end product below :) a fabric pen was used to label the fruits of the Spirit.

Photo 8

i used fabric-resistant stamp pads (same as the ones i used here) for the sample above...but to cater to the needs of 160 children, we will be mixing acrylic paint with textile medium and pouring them on disposable plates + paper towels. this make-shift stamp-pad was an idea i picked up here

praying that the preparation will go smoothly, and it may be a meaningful and memorable activity for the children. the cambodian words say "The Fruit of the Spirit". Before they add the leaves and the fruits, the tree is essentially, barren and fruitless. hopefully, this will remind them of how a Christian's life is really empty and meaningless if we do not bear the fruits of the Spirit. 

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. Gal 5: 22-23


Anonymous said...

Hi Esther!

May i know where do you get the water-resistant (fabric) ink stamp pads? :)Thanks!

esther said...

hello :)
I use pigment ink stamp pads that state at the back that they are suitable for fabric. They are bought from scrapbooking shops. Sometimes I just try other ink types and iron them. Usually if the ink is not water-based it will stay :) Maybe you can leave your email and i can email you some snapshots of the stamp sets I use :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Esther! Thanks for your reply!
You can email me at quanmei@hotmail.sg :)
Thanks so much and so sorry to trouble you! :)
Saw your booth at the NUS flea, love all your bags! Continue shining for God! :)