Sunday, October 28, 2012


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i do enjoy packaging items and have slowly learnt that it does not have to be too complicated or involve too much :) while PP and i lack a colour printer, thank God for a simple provision of washi tape to add colour to little tags. we wanted to wrap some gifts we got from bangkok (such a wonderful wonderful time), and the children's day gifts as well. here's how they turned out :) 

first, we printed the text on thick white paper (got 250 pieces of 200gsm paper at a steal of $23 at art friend). we intentionally aligned the text more to the right to allow space for washi tape later :)

IMG 8395 copy

then, we cut them up.

IMG 8397 copy

stuck washi tape at the sides.. this part makes me wish i have a greater variety of washi tape haha!
IMG 8400 copy
then, we used a single-hole puncher to punch holes and tied the gifts up.
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IMG 8419 copy
IMG 8407 copy
alternatively, you can punch holes and add washi tape on both ends :) rounding the corners of the tag creates a different look as well!

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IMG 8451 copy

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can't get enough of this baker's twine which i got for a STEAL at a random bookshop in bangkok! it was a gigantic roll, for only sgd$2! i was so thrilled and i grabbed all that was there :)

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all these took less than an hour to complete :) children's day is a little more simple this year, considering the amount of things we have in our hands (house, baby...). we got some stationery from bangkok and packed them in the paper bags you see above. while the gifts are not hand-made, we hope they will find them useful and like them still :)


Eliasha said...

Hi do you guys sell your items online? I really adore your lovely products! ^^


Catherine May Tang said...


I am going to Bangkok next week and would love to know about the place you got your baker's twine from!

Thanks :)

esther said...

Hi Eliasha :)

thanks for your sweet comment! yes, i have an online shop but it's not very updated and most of the things are sold out :/ i have some products and id love to take pics of them and upload them on the website when i have time!


esther said...

hi catherine :)

it was a really random bookshop in sukhumvit road. we did some walking and stumbled upon it. have fun exploring the area though! it's filled with quirky cafes and funky shops. thank God we got a name card :) here's the address:

Kijvitaya Stationery
114/3-5 Ekamai Road (Sukhumvit 63)
Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Tel: 02-714-4127

don't expect much though. they sell a handful of old-school stationery but ull have to keep a lookout for them :)

also, check out paper mania just next to them! (the two shops are related).

p.s. you'll find the nancy chandler map EXTREMELY useful :)

Catherine May Tang said...

Thanks so much Esther! :)

Amanda aka ada said...

You must be the most thoughtful holiday maker!(= Lovely wrapping ideas (=