Tuesday, October 16, 2012

suan phung - part 2

blogging about suan phung brings back beautiful memories of the blessed time we had. oh, how i love travelling! while im not a particularly adventurous explorer at heart, i do enjoy stumbling upon places and unexpected things, especially those not within the itinerary :) i guess blogging is a little way of mine to recall all these wonderful memories and count my blessings over again :)

thank God for a safe place at Suan Phung that we can retreat to at the end of the day. While it is largely a quiet town, you'll be surprised at the little elements of modern, vintage and craft scattered across this place. one of the places that is a must-go, is a candle haven. i have no idea what is its actual name, but i'll let the photos speak for themselves :)

There is a small eatery right at the entrance of the place which serves yummy thai cuisine, ideal for lunch :) we ate our lunch out of tingkats. so old-school! :)

DSC00719 copy

drinks were served in bamboo cups which we got to take home as souvenirs :)


near the entrance, there is also a small shop scattered with countless hand-drawn tshirts for sale :) after much gesturing and hand signals, we finally managed to communicate what we wanted to the lady, who drew 5 customised tshirts for us with the design we wanted, and our names :) this lady is very talented indeed!

DSC00732 copy


in this place, candle wax is like the canvas on which the artist works on. everywhere you turn, you will find yourself intrigued by amazing wax sculptures :) apparently they have a place set up to conduct workshops or classes :) i do wonder if it's possible to sign up for one!

kettles of different-coloured wax!


DSC00769 copy

DSC00789 copy
DSC00747 copy
an artist at work :) it was intriguing to watch him. the wax, and his hands, had to be kept at a certain temperature so the wax would be mouldable. it is definitely a skill that takes effort to pick up!
DSC00783 copy
as we continued to walk on, we found ourselves in the most AMAZING candle shop ever! 
this marks the entrance of the shop. i probably spent a good 5 minutes just outside, snapping pictures :p
DSC00802 copy
here, you will find a huge array of assorted candles, all very intricate and unique. definitely one of a kind :) there are alphabets, hearts, and the list goes on and on. they also sell a variety of other souvenirs :)
DSC00836 copy
DSC00833 copy
i have countless photos but these are just a few to give you a glimpse of the place. my favourite feature? a little section that allows you to buy a postcard, write on it and mail it on the spot after purchasing a stamp from them :)

DSC00840 copy

DSC00830 copy

im not a big fan of candles but i thoroughly enjoyed myself. i was very impressed by how they integrated the vintage theme interior with their candles, and at the same time, the place was surrounded with greenery, giving the place a very unique "suan phung vibe" :)  if you are there with a group of loved ones, you will plenty of photo-taking opportunities! there are swings, vintage vehicles and nice benches all over the area :) bring a tripod! it will come in handy :)


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pp said...

thank God for providing such a wonderful place. vintage deco is the way to go, and we do have a few items for our new abode too:)