Friday, April 26, 2013

the hands-on brother

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we kinda liked the dining table from star living, as mentioned here, but it was a little too small. PP and i were looking for a versatile dining table that could open up to fit more guests and this was a perfect match :) however, it seemed a little too common. thank God for a fantastic younger brother who really went all out to customise it for us! our inspirations came from herehere and here :)

colour dipping, is what it's called :)

first, he tried it out on a small portion of the table. (and even took a snapshot to show me!)

IMG 1216

taped half of the table legs with masking tape and newspaper..

IMG 1218

sanded and primed them..

IMG 1219

before painting them many times over :)IMG 1221

it looks easy, and the tutorials online make it look so simple, but it is actually very tedious work! he even offered to paint the sides of the table top, and the outcome was really fabulous :)



my brother's labour of love was a big big help when i was heavily pregnant and now the dining table fits seamlessly in our house! even our carpenter, Mr A, asked us where we got it from! thank you so much brother :) you really went the extra mile and made sure that the paint job was done to perfection. your masterpiece is going to stay in our home for many many years to come!


Olive said...

this is so sweet. (;

pp said...

thanks for the hard work bro! the table really is very heavy, and thanks to mummy for letting us occupy the balcony for this paint job. hope to have many more happy memories around this table.