Thursday, July 18, 2013

my hands-on husband (part 1 - our bedroom lamp)

im very thankful for a hands-on husband :)

IMG 0911

we scored this rustic lamp for $10 when we were exploring the streets of chinatown, bangkok! clearly, it was meant for wet markets and is truly, vintage and industrial :p it stuck out like a sore thumb in the shop full of chandeliers and classy lamps... and i was thrilled to see it! the shop owner was puzzled to see our strange interest in it, hehe. however, it was too shiny and glossy for our liking... so this is what my dear husband did. 

IMG 8670

he sprayed some primer on it, before spray-painting it! all the materials were gotten from our favourite crafty source, art friend.


we had two options, blue and white :)

Untitledclearly, the white one matched the room better although i really liked the shade of blue :) 


the blue lamp is sitting in our store room now :/ are you looking for a lamp like this? if so, we will gladly sell it to you :) we promise it will be cheaper than what you find in typical lighting shops because we got it at a reasonable cost. PP's handiwork, however, is very valuable! 


pp said...

wow I wasn't expecting this new title "hands-on" pleasant surprise. and thank God for giving us this lamp shade...really stumbled upon it unexpectedly! it was in some industrial looking part of Chinatown Bangkok...God does provide in His own special way:)

*simz* said...

Hi, do you still have the blue lamp?