Thursday, July 18, 2013

online purchases

being 8-9 months pregnant made me highly immobile when preparing for the home :/ this was when i truly appreciated the internet! christmas shopping, research for the home, and even purchases were made online. thank God for the internet, which has become a blessing in this case. many little things in our house were found online because we were not able to source them from anywhere else, or because they were cheaper :) 


take for example, this chair. ever since we started research on our home, i was especially taken by the simplicity of this chair, also known as the eames chair or the eiffel chair. see the inspirations here. little did i know that it was so common :/ nonetheless, it was comfortable, clean in design and fit the theme of our home. at first, i planned to purchase the chair from here or here, but to my joy, i stumbled on this link :) it is the cheapest version i have seen thus far, and with some hesitation, we decided to order 2 pieces, one for our craft area (above), the other for the iMac area. delivery met with some hiccups because i forgot to state my preferred time slot. thank God the two chairs arrived safely nonetheless and we are rather pleased with the quality :)

IMG 9191copy

sometimes it is all about the details. PP and i spent a long time scouring for suitable wardrobe handles for the wardrobe in baby E's room. Mr A actually suggested some cute "bear bear" handles, haha. we quickly told him we would try to source for our own. to our dismay, they can be hard to find! we had no idea where to get them locally. most of the handles (e.g. in IKEA) are metal and not to our liking. we saw some really special ones on etsy but they were rather costly too. after some searching, we finally decided on these :)

DSC03499 copy


these lights were originally for the master bedroom but when they arrived, they were so lovely that we decided to place them in the dining room instead. it all worked out, as the lamp we got for the dining area fit nicely in the master bedroom too :) (more on that later as well, hehe). initially, i thought that we could just do with simple LED down lights, hehe. no regrets getting these from this lovely shop :) part of what made these lamps so special were the bulbs!

IMG 9189

they are known as thomas edison bulbs, also found online here :) love the unique light patterns created by these bulbs...truly one of a kind. apparently, this person can make any kind of bulbs as long as clear specifications are provided!

Photo 8

these are our wall hooks and this is where we got our trash bin :)

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