Wednesday, October 02, 2013

the pp is away

and so, the 22 nights start.. 

will it be 22 nights of self-pity, despair and fear, or will it be 22 nights of hoping in God, trusting Him to provide all i need, and a heart fonder?

God-willing, it is the latter, and not the earlier, much as the temptation is strong. 

while the burdens to bear are greater with the little boy around, it also means i have a companion and an excellent reminder of PP :) 

22 days of "hopeful recollection" (coined by PP) start here :)


Olive said...

Know ye that thy labor is not in vain in the Lord, for when thou art weak, He is made strong in thee. Though the days may seem long and arduous, while others fleeting, He will see you through it, just like how He always has and always will see His blood-bought children through.

pp said...

my dear, 'hopeful recollection' is given to me by The Lord from Psalm 71, where David hopes in The Lord amidst all his difficult situations. I too will look to The Lord and have our hearts grown fonder and bond stronger. one day at a time!