Tuesday, January 28, 2014

baby hugs - act of kindness #4

from a loving familY, very deserving of Super Good Neighbour Award!

DSCF6850 copy

one can never get enough of baby hugs :) 

DSCF6851 copy

I suspect this book is more for me than for my little boy. it was very very comforting. thank you. 

DSCF6852 copy

a sweet handmade letter

DSCF6853 copy

praying that the boys can form godly friendships in future, just like the ones the parents enjoy <3


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pp said...

thank God for the blessing of brotherly love and support. when times are tough, God sends comfort even through ways that we never imagine would be. learning to wait on the Lord with thanksgiving.

so wonderful to recall the goodness of God in this manner.