Saturday, March 15, 2014

But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD -Josh 24: 15b (Part 2)

After the cards were settled, the next mission was the wedding deco :) There were 2 things I was especially thankful for... firstly, that the "junk" we have hoarded over the years could be put to good use.. and secondly, for the many loving hands who came together to create a beautiful backdrop ("pretty vintage school") for a blessed wedding :) xw, hl, joce, hannah, gabriel, alanna and abigail, joanna etc.... im sure the list goes on and on and on when you count your blessings and remember the people who have lovingly helped :)  for couples who are preparing to get married, never forget that a wedding is a community project. involve those whom you love and spend time with them preparing for the day :) and you can be sure that on your wedding day, as you see their labour of love and how they rejoice with you, your heart will overflow with thankfulness for how you have been blessed with so many who love you :)


standing chalkboard with handwritten details...

DSCF6944 copy

the bride wanted a "mailbox" as an angbao box :) we bought 2 of these, added our own details and propped them up using vases. guests also wrote on little postcards that have been designed to match the mailbox theme.

DSCF6948 copy




pompoms galore! it's no joke fluffing them up! many thanks to merrylove weddings for providing these at such a short notice :) do check them out! they have lovely things :)


DSCF7074 copy

photos, revealing some precious memories which the couple and their loved ones share :) 




hot chocolate wedding favours, which many loving hands have joined together to make possible! 

dearest 姑姑 and 姑丈 have always showered their love on little ezra boy unconditionally, and we are so much more than happy to do a little something for them :) we pray that God's love will be the cord to join them both together always, in easy and tough times, that they will grow together to love God and each other more :) 

p.s. hope these photos can give you a glimpse into the possible wedding styling that FITW can provide. the props that you see (vintage cameras, luggages, wooden crates, chalkboards, tablecloth, mailboxes and picnic basket) are all available for rental too :)  (we have more that are not shown here!)

Bike copy

some of you have enquired on this vintage bicycle and whether it is still available for rental.... yes, it still is :) you can use it for photoshoots, as part of your wedding set-up, or even for your wedding march-in! being white in colour, it should match all colour schemes, and it comes with a pretty little basket in front, which will look perfect with baby's breath added in. our bike is special because it comes with two seats, perfect for two people embarking on a journey to become one :)

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