Saturday, January 21, 2017

words from the boy that i want to remember (3 years 6 months- 4 years)


at 12 midnight (thereabouts), when he is supposed to be sound asleep. 

ezra: (calling out from his room) mama! i need to poopoo...

mama and papa: WHAT??? 




at 12 midnight (thereabouts), when he is supposed to be sound asleep. 

ezra: (calling out from his room) mama! i don’t need to poopoo...

mama and papa: WHAT???!!!!!




15 September 2016 - ezra’s first attempt in sharing the gospel 

ezra: hello uncle! 

uncle: oh hello…. 

(busy fixing something for neighbour and making small talk)

uncle: did you go and catch pokemon, boy? here got very good pokemon to catch! ask your mummy bring you go and catch

ezra: pokemon is not good 

uncle: pokemon is good, there is good pokemon

ezra: no, pokemon is not good. we are BELIEVERS. we go to church to worship God and listen to pastor…. 

uncle: (keeps quiet) 

ezra: we believe in Jesus, Jesus died on the cross for us… 




ezra: look at the sky mama! it’s like God stirred the clouds. the last time we saw the sky like that was when we were in perth.




XX: did u see a lot of dolphins when you were in perth? 

ezra: yes! i did! 

XX: how many? were there a lot? infinity? 

ezra: noooo….. in PERTH!

everyone: LOL!!!!!




ezra: xxx said something bad that made me feel like kicking him. but I didn’t. I wanted to do my best for God… 




mama: ezra, do you prefer to sit in front (with papa) or to sit at the back with mama next to you? 

ezra: i prefer to sit in front when you are driving and you stop at the traffic light and hold my hand. and i also prefer when you sit at the back and hold my hand. 

mama: awww my heart is melting!

ezra: why mama? what happened? why is your heart melting? are you ok? 




mama: goodnight baboo! i love you sooo much 

ezra: I love you 100 metre long mama

mama: i love you from here to the moon and back 

ezra: i love you all the way from here to per gong’s house in penang. that’s MORE than you love me!




papa: ironman can fly all the way to outer space and… and…. and…. 

mama: why are you telling him all this? it’s not even real!

ezra: then can ironman iron clothes? hahaha!

papa mama ezra: LOL!!!!!




when away from mama… 

mama: when you go for camp, mama is going to miss you so, so much. 

ezra: mama, you can have my doggie so you will remember that i love you, ok? (he hugs his doggie to sleep every night)

mama: then what about you? wouldn’t u miss your doggie? 

ezra: then ill take penguin la, ok? (smiles at mama) 



mama: bye ezra, mama is going to miss you so, so much

ezra: mama, i’ll miss you more. i miss you all the way from here to God. 



(waiting for me to get home so we can make a video call to each other)

ezra to papa: aiyo, so late already, mama is still not home. she must be very tired...

mama and papa: LOL….. 



ezra at a random occasion to papa: are we going to talk to mama the way we did just now? (video call) 



ezra to papa: (tearing alittle) i feel sad that mama cannot be here with us at camp… 




and in a blink, my little one is 4. 


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